Shipping policy

Shipping Policy

Please note that there is now only 1 option for Shipping and that is the most highly trusted DHL option. We frequently are asked why the cost of shipping is so expensive, and we explain that Kenya is usually far away from the destination and so realiable! Please let us know if you need to see some free samples which we are willing and able to get to you quickly to test quality.

Please allow a Simon and the Team a few weeks to tie and prepare your flies. We are not always able to control the time it takes to prepare your order and depending on the season, we can be quite busy. We will be staying touch with you by email and by messenger and thank you so much during that time.

Delivery across the globe with DHL Takes less than a week in most cases and your parcel can be tracked through each stage of it’s delivery. DHL – The Fastest method of delivery, normally delivers in less than 5 days worldwide.  DHL costs 32 dollars. DHL Actually costs our company approximately 43 dollars but we pay the supplement as we understand that 43 dollars is expensive for the consumer so we make an effort in that regard!