Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Wet Fly (Price for 12 Flies)


Nice wet fly for trout fishemen



(Price for 12 Flies)There is beauty in simplicity and the traditional soft-hackle wet fly is quite simply, beautiful. In its bareness, in the liveliness of its soft hackle fibers it suggests all that seems necessary to tempt fish.  Excellent for all kinds of trout fishing situations.  You do not need a special fly rod to fish soft hackles; your standard go-to trout rod will be more than sufficient to get out and fish these flies. The same leader and tippet set-up you use for basic dry fly or nymph fishing will work great when fishing a soft hackled fly in your local trout streams. You can fish a single soft hackle, or double down and fish a pair of flies to see what the fish prefer. If you want to get your flies down deeper, just add a small split shot to your leader above the leader/tippet knot. No strike indicators are needed or required, especially if you intend to fish your soft hackles on the swing.

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