Maribou Muddler with rubber Legs (Price for 12 Flies)


Maribou Muddler is a very effective fly for trout and bass and other species of Fish!



(Price for 12 Flies) Effective retrieval tactics include stripping the floating Muddler across the water surface rhythmically, imparting a “wake”, or allowing the Muddler to sink and twitching or pulsating it against or across a river’s current. An unweighted Muddler will float and appears as a hopper, moth or struggling mouse. With a tiny piece of split shot in front of it (or an intermediate flyline) the Muddler can be made to swim slowly over weedbeds and shallow gravel bars. With more weight, the Muddler can be stripped wildly in the shallows to imitate and alarmed baitfish, or allowed to settle in deeper water.

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