Hare’s Ear Brown Jig (Price for 12 Flies)


Hare’s Ear Brown Jig



(Price for 12 Flies) (available on barbless Hooks Only) Hare’s Ear Brown Jig The Hare’s Ear nymph is a fly fishing lure that is fished below the surface. It is thus a wet fly or nymph. It is an older pattern that imitates a variety of aquatic life, including scuds, sow bugs, mayfly nymphs, and caddis larvae. When this fly is immersed, the stiff fibers in the dubbing stand out and imitate the legs of an insect. Fish this lure below the surface with or without a small strike indicator and split-shot to help it sink. It is an effective pattern throughout the year because it covers a broad spectrum of prey that are active in every season.  (Available on Barbless Hooks Only)



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