Beadhead Kaufmann Brown Rubber Legs Nymph (Price for 12 Flies)


Beadhead Kaufmann Brown Rubber Legs Nymph



(Price for 12 Flies) Beadhead Kaufmann Brown Rubber Legs Nymph  BH Kaufmann’s Brown Stone Rubber Legs Nymph – Bead Head, adds an additional attractant to the already irresistible standard Kaufmann’s Bead Head Brown Stonefly imitation. Rubber legs can make all the difference when the fish have gone off the feed so next time things calm down a bit tie on a Kaufmann’s Rubber Leg Bead Head Brown Stone Nymph and hold on to you rod. Bead Head Brown Kaufmanns Stone with Rubber Legs. Imitates the Salmonfly nymph (Pteronarcys californica). The Kaufmanns Stonefly nymph is one of the most deadly fly and float fishermen patterns. Productive in most rivers and lakes across Canada and the US. I have fished these nymphs in a variety of colors on most of the Great Lakes tribs including the Maitland, Nine Mile and Bayfield. This fly will catch just about every species that swims including Bass & Carp but for Steelhead it is just incredible. Bead Head Brown Kaufmanns Rubber Leg Stones should be fished close to the bottom so you will loose a few so stock up on these incredible imitations, you just won’t regret it.

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