Two fisherman who placed a grouped order


I received your hand tied flies today.  I want you to replay or excitement on how appreciative we are on the excellent craftsmanship and efforts of your team on these perfect flies. We will be definitely be ordering more. Also we will be requesting a another pattern as time allows called a Bead head Crackleback.

Fly fishing guide

Near Lake Erie, New York

My streamers arrived yesterday and they look great !


The flies arrived today and they look great! Thanks for the great work and the great communication through the whole ordering process.
I can’t wait to fish with them in a couple of weeks. The delivery time was perfect for my last trout fishing trip of the year. 

West Virginia


Love the flies, here is a brook trout caught on your stimulator pattern!  Caught 14 trout that day!

Received the flies, they look great and going out to try them, give them a go over in the rivers and lakes here…
I appreciate all the service…
Thanks again!!

BC Canada

Hi Simon,
Just wanted to say that I’m super happy with my flies. I’m getting a larger order prepped for July and I’m really looking forward to building my collection with your flies.


Received flies.  They look great.  You will be getting
more orders from Pennsylvania!